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  • Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu is Foreruner in the Development of the Downtrodden of Boyar oddar Community. The First Boyar Community hall was established on 31st July 1874 (Doc No 1874) near Arulmegu Ranganathar Temple at Karamadai.
  • Sri Lakshmi Ammal W/O Krishna Boyar,Veeraboyar of Singanallur and CP.Nanjappa with a Part of Contributions from “ Gangavar Podujana Fund “ and established Gangavar Elementary School during 1939 at Jamedar Street Coimbatore. Sri Krishrappa Educational Trust was established during the year 1952.
  • Ist conference was held at Dharmapuri in Sengunthar High school on 21.2.71 Honorable Minister Thiru N.V.Natarajan Participated.
  • IInd conference was held at Salem Kottai Susammal hall on 9.9.75. Honorable Minister Thiru N.Raja participated.
  • III rd conference was held at Tiruchi Devaki hall and IV th conference was held at Udumalpet. On 21.9.80. Honorable Minister P.Kulandaivelu M.A.BL. participated .
  • By the above events Tamil Nadu Govt Appointed Thiru Chattanathan (chattananathan Committee) to include our Boyar community in the schedule caste list.
  • He recommended our community to include in the scheduled caste list On the above subject a Memorandums to the Honorable Prime Minister of India Thriumathi IndraGandhi as well as Members of Parliament , and State Ministers and Governor of TN in 1980.were presented by our deligates.
  • At Bangalore “All India ode Federations” was established at the nation level activities during on the year 2002,
  • Tamil Nadu Boyar (odder, Bandi, Godda) Munnetra Sangam with Thiru S.A.P Kumaravelusaswami BE.MTech as President, Thiru. PVS.Mani as General Secretary and Thiru M.sambasivam as Treasure Functions Now.
  • Held 4 District Conferences and a special State Conference was held on 11.3.2001 at Chennai Merina Beach Belonging to our community Honorable Minister Selvi UmaBarathi,Minister for sports Govt of IndiaParticipated in the above conference Nearly 35000 members of our community Participated in the above conference and in the Mass procession.By the result of this Conference we got Bandi and Godda certificate from the Govt.Our community Students Functions were held at Dharmapuri , Tirupur, Erode, Neiveli and Coimbatore. Every Function Nearly about 3 to 4 Lake Rupees were distributed to the Students as awards.Conducted Medical Camps (open Heart Surgical)also.
  • In Indian Continent Our Boyar community people are living all the states in India. Boyar Community history was ancient one. After a long race in Human life they were behind in all activities in their living life such as Economic, Education, Political awareness, Cultural and Civilization and unity. To make them better living condition and to give them awareness in the above such activities and bring them unity with one and all our Community people.
  • For the welfare of our Boyar Community some literary and wealthy people came forward to establish sangams and associations in the yearly years.
  • Coimbatore District in Tamil Nadu is Forerunner in the development of the down-trodden of Boyar Oddar Community. The First Boyar Community hall was established on 31st July 1874(Doc No.1874) near Arulmegu Ranganathar Temple at Karamadai.
  • Srimati. Lakshmi Ammal W/o. Krishna Boyar, Veera Boyar of Singanallur and C.P Nanjappa with a part of Contribution formed “Gangavar Podujana Fund” and established Gangavar Elementary School during the year 1939 at Jamedav Street Coimbatore. Sri Krishnappa (Boyar) educational trust was established during the year 1952.
  • Amalgamating all associations of Coimbatore Boyar Samuga Sangam was established and registered No: 133/66. The First president of the Sangam was Mr. S.A Ponnusamy Tirupur with Dr. Subramaniam Coimbatore as Secretary and Angananan as Treasurer. This team made a notable progress by visiting all the Districts in Tamilnadu and waited the people into the Sangam.
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